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The email from a longtime colleague arrived just one day after a lengthy conversation on this whole idea surrounding charisma as a learned trait.

"Okay, I've been thinking about this whole idea of charisma. Not that I'm buying into the notion that charisma can be taught and learned but because I guess it is a possibility."

Intrigued by this first sentence ---- knowing that this colleague, a highly degreed and self described "non people person" --- was willing to try out this new concept ---- made me anxious to read on.


"And if its true that it can be taught then, like any other "lesson" one would have to practice it to become good at it or ideally, hope that it becomes second nature. Now, as you know, I'm not a people person by no stretch of the imagination so I don't even think that learning this "skill" would come easy to me. But, just because I want to keep and open mind, I thought I would try out some of the skills or attributes used by one who is said to be charismatic. I stopped by the doctor's office to talk with clients. The first person I encountered was a nurse that was leaving the practice and next week was to be her last week. I was careful to look her in the eye and show a genuine concern over her leaving. I told her that she was an asset to the company and would be missed. I leaned a little close to her - not too close and used the appropriate voice inflection. It took a bit of energy for me, but I did give it a try and I noticed the difference"

Wow! I thought, this is a real breakthrough. And the emails and testimonials are still coming. People who never thought they could be more charismatic (or should be) are beginning to reassess and utilize, with results, the strategies we've outlined in our books, seminars, and research.

You may be asking, Why does it matter? Here's why:
In Core Edge's research we found that Chief Executive Officers who exude intelligence, optimism and leadership don't necessarily help their companies perform better than less charismatic counterparts, but they do tend to draw higher salaries and better perks according to a University of Florida study.

The study surveyed vice president-level managers of 59 Fortune 500 companies about their perceptions of the company CEO's charisma. Indicators included confidence in the CEO's management abilities and whether the CEO made the survey respondent feel optimistic about the company's future.

The study compared the resulting "charisma" score to indicators of corporate performance and cross-checked the results against the CEOs' salaries. The conclusion was that except in times of market volatility when it proved a benefit to the company, CEO charisma is not related at all to better firm performance, but rather to higher salaries for the CEO.

Marketing and Branding are key components for standing out and being recognizable in your industry. It's due to our research and the following reasons that we're committed to assisting individuals and organizations with building unique brands with marketing power:

Reason #1
- Building a company brand and enthusiam around a charismatic leader can motivate teams and groups to new levels.

Reason #2
- Standing out is the only way to make your voice heard in this current economic and social climate.

Reason #3 - Marketing yourself through charisma and flair has been proven to build confidence, enhance presentations, and create synergy for those around you.

What are these strategies that we're teaching?
We can describe it in just two words: Brand Charisma

In our seminar, Image, Power, & Charisma: Making Your Presence Known, we provide the skills and techniques for building a brand around your essence and true self:

In just one day you'll learn how to use charisma to enhance brand perception

In just one day you'll gain practical strategies and techniques for creating a presence of influence and leadership

In just one day you'll have all the resources you need to begin to develop a plan and strategy for becoming more charismatic, profitable, and likeable.

Image, Power & Charisma course gets exceptional reviews from participants:

The Image, Power, & Charisma seminar is not only on point, but enlighting, inspiring, and encouraging. The dual team of Glover & Brown is making a difference. ---- Veronica Robertson, U.S. Department of Labor


For every individual seeking success in the business arena and within his or herself. ---- Venneta Butler, Fulton County Community Development

Image, Power, & Charisma! You want it? Attend this seminar. It's a definite investment in your personal and professional development. Thanks Ed and Sheronde. ---- Kysa Daniels, CEO, Clarion Communications


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