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Sheronde Glover | Owner, Glover Enterprise
As the owner of Glover Enterprise, a training and consulting firm, I speak regularly to diverse audiences. I've known Edward Brown for at least 10 years and have used the services of Core Edge to hone my business and speaking skills. Ed possess the two "P's" that will insure the quality you are seeking---passion and professionalism. I would recommend Ed and Core Edge again and again.

I recently referred Ed to Hands On Atlanta to lead their job readiness program and as I expected, he exceeded their expectations. If you need further information or consideration, please feel free to contact me at (770) 210-0726.

Sheronde Glover, sherondeglover.com
Founder, Car-Buy-Her,

Jessica Ferguson | President, Signature Business Support Services, LLC

Salaam Semaan | DrPH Health Scientist | Atlanta, GA

July 20, 2007
To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mme/Sir,

This letter is to recommend highly Mr. Ed Brown and his programs as part of his Core Edge Image and Charisma Institute. I attended several of the public programs and lectures he organized and gave throughout Atlanta during the past five years. I also participated in a one-on-one program that covered topics ranging from charisma and confidence to networking and leadership.

The programs of Mr. Brown are unique and essential to being successful in many personal and professional areas. He is extremely well-read. He is versed in the books published on management and leadership. He presents a cognitive and a behavioral paradigm that is age-appropriate, business-appropriate, evidence-based, and practical; allowing his audience and clients to gain solid knowledge and develop action steps that help them in their growth and productivity.

I highly recommend Mr. Brown and his Institute and programs to you. I am confident he will be a great asset to you and to your programs. Please do not hesitate to call me at 404-982-0399 if you need additional information.

Respectfully yours,

Salaam Semaan, DrPH
Health Scientist
Atlanta, GA