Charisma As A Way Of Life
As human beings, we are motivated by our emotions. We make decisions based on our emotion and justify our actions through reason. As such, the charismatic person makes us feel good about him/her as well as ourselves.

Are Men And Women Equally Charismatic?
A man characterized as suave and debonair may be seen as charismatic. Where similar traits characterized by a woman might be deemed sexy, sultry or scintillating. But is this charisma?

The New Casanova
Thinking on a higher plain, if a woman's mind is stimulated then she is more inclined to make the man a priority in her life. Thus her body goes where she feels the most comfortable and gains the most value. The way to a woman's heart is through her mind.

Jump-Starting Your Power of Persuasion (Dr. Tony Alessandra)
...obviously persuasion is what's needed to make things happen, to take anything from Point A (your idea) to Point B (others helping to advance that idea).

What's Wrong With A Balanced Life?
James Allen said, "A man is what he thinks about all day." Loosely translated, you get out of life what you focus on most intensely. How can you be great at a thing with unfocused attention?

Developing Charismatic Leadership
Leaders are born and created! However, one's ability to cultivate and nurture charismatic leadership rests on his level of ambition and determination.

Smart Moves for Those with Limited Cash, Clout and Connections
Becoming what is necessary to gain cash, clout and connections ceases to be inauthentic or fake, but a strategy of transforming into your ideal self to accomplish your objective.

Eight Qualities of a Professional Salesperson
The first step is knowledge: becoming aware of the qualities of a professional, which is what you are doing as you read this article. The second step is action--making a commitment to apply this knowledge and follow through with your commitment.

Can 360 Feedback Help Executives Develop Charisma?
Charisma is the hard-to-define, rare characteristic in a person that causes others to want to listen, to follow, and to perform. It is a magnetic, "pulling toward" characteristic. It is motivating. It is extremely valuable in a leader.

Can Charisma Be Taught?
The conclusion was that except in times of market volatility when it proved a benefit to the company, CEO charisma is not related at all to better firm performance, but rather to higher salaries for the CEO.

Is Not Having Charisma Hurting You?
You need charisma now more than ever to maintain your self-esteem as well as your livelihood. Unfortunately, saving yourself only becomes important when your back is against the wall.

Charisma: The Virtue Of Insecurity

The pain of insecurity is sedated with an internal knowing that he is chasing lofty goals that make him feel important and significant. In the long run, society benefits from his efforts, but his efforts are not directed towards society, but towards these feelings of insecurity.

Profitability Through Charisma
Essentially, megachurches have three key factors that drive its success: 1. Charismatic leadership; 2. A compelling message and 3. Programs relative to the needs of congregants.