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Title: The Liberating Factor: Releasing Your Charisma in a Complex World
Price: $14.95
Synopsis: A philosophical treatise on how to maneuver and dodge the minefields in life. Makes you question everything you thought was true about life and achievement.


Title: Image, Power & Charisma
Price: $14.95
Synopsis: Outlines the dynamics of Image, Power & Charisma on your success. If you think merit alone is enough, think again.


Title: Principles of Charismatic Leadership
Price: $14.95
Synopsis: This book goes behind the scenes of how charismatic leaders consistently make great contributions on the world stage. And how you can too!


Title: Power Moves for those with Limited Cash, Clout & Connections
Price: $14.95
Synopsis: Outlines how to achieve phenomenal success when you are short on resources. Your will and determination is often enough, if you know how to use them. Ideal for individuals starting a career, business or entering the workforce.


Title: Get Yours: Power Moves for Attorneys
Price: $14.95
Synopsis: A practical guide to lifestyle changes and shifting mind sets for the success driven attorney.

10 PLUS Ways to Gain Recognition Within Your Profession & 25 Ways to Enhance Your Image & Charisma
Price: $5.95
Synopsis: Simple "how to" tips on standing out in a crowd and in your profession.

How "Self-Interest" Helps Students Transform the World & Achieve Greater Financial Success
Price: $6.00
Synopsis: "...why has society regaled self-interest, yet fought vociferously against its ultimate power? And what can students learn from its glory as well as its greed?"

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